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Nov 12, 2012 9:00am EST
-marital affair.the general's affair wassreportedly wiih ...paula broadwell... a marrieddmother of two. she wrote a biography of pptreaus entitled "all in." investiggting her... for alllgedlyysending hrassing e-mails to another womaa, who was close to petraeus. aa journalist... who has spent all this news comes as aa shock. "i donnt know of anyone who wasn't hocked by thiss he's shooter, a cornball really, a very decent guy." petraeus was supposed to testify about the deadly benghazi attacks this week.but now... the agency's interim ddrector, michael morell, will speak in his place. it took more than a centuuy... but one mootgomery county town issnow lifting its ban on alcoh. alcohol.theetown of damascus has vooed to allow aacohol sales... meaning its no looger a dry town.the residents' vote allows restaurants to apppy for a liccnse to serve wine anddbeer... uu no hard liquor. so far... the change is getting mixed reviews. &p7:07 i mean ttere's a lot of stuff this town needs, but going to brrng trouble 32 ing - ((butt))9:18 we've been ddinking in damasccs. we just have to go 5 or 10 minutes a
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am EST
-b-iiinnesttgation into petraauu. according to a u-s official... petraeus told his mistress... paula broadwell... to stop seeding parassiig e--ails to the other woman... jill kelley. petraeus wass't mentioned by name... and officiall say thh nature not explicitly threaaen did if you watched football this &ppast weekend... it was hard t that forcee players off the fied it turns out... √°25 percent√° of sunday's games... hadda starting quarterback -le experts say it points to new reason... thaa more needs to the ocean city pier... left damaged by super storm sandy... will soon be ebuilt. payor rick meehaan.. who says the pier has tremenddus importance to the town and its visitors. meehan says hee pxxects it to be rebuill in time for the summer season.the projecttis expected to be very expensive. the hooe where michael jackson spent he months beeore his death has sold.. the 17-thouuand-square-foot lls angeles hhuse was sold for 18-point-1-million- dollars. concert promoter aae-g had been renting the &pthousand-dollars a month. the agent who sold he home declined to name the person was a member of a p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2